Sole Rodriguez

Creative Photography

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About Sole

We love people and so does she! We needed a key partner for all our real estate photography and we needed one that understood our style, our heart and our eye for cool. We found Her. Her photography comes from the soul; she tries to capture the best in each person and property and in its surroundings.  As a true believer that we are surrounded by beauty and every day it is more necessary to rescue and register all those beautiful things that are in this world ...  she found her passion and we found the blessing of having her collaborate with us. Sole studied photography at the CUNA around the year 2000, since then has worked as an independent photographer while for several years she also worked for Zermak Photo studio, where she was able to expand and put her knowledge into practice amongst some of the industry’s heavier hitters.  After her graduation she continued her photography studies in Veritas and later went on to Business Administration, with emphasis on marketing, which made her enhance her key eye for photography that sells. Always open to new trends, new ideas, and constantly looking for change and novelty she keeps our visuals in top shape.  Sole's photo sessions seek not only to achieve some beautiful shots, but also to allow her clients to live a different experience, one that brings out the product's essence and its true message.